Construction consultancy engineering service


We own the license of construction works of hydro structures such as dam, canal, drainage, and dewatering of groundwater and for other special earthworks, issued by the Ministry of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Construction. Construction works will be conducted according to the laws, regulations, norms and standards of Mongolia.

Supervision of construction

We provide CQC/CQA and supervision during construction of a TSF in order to ensure a compliance with related laws, regulations, norms and standards. Since 2004, our engineers have been conducting density and moisture tests by a nuclear gauge at the time of construction work. We own a special license for utilization, storage and transportation of nuclear gauge. Our engineers and technicians are trained at safe use and protection of radiation equipment and certified by Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Authority. Also, since 2011 we have been using TDR method by MDI-2020 equipment to define density and moisture of a soil.

We design engineering drawings for hydro structures, provide supervision during construction or construct an object at high professional standard.