Engineering geological investigation, geotechnical study and soil laboratory

Engineering-geological investigation

Engineering-geological investigations and analysis are carried out at embankments, dams, channels, flood protection structures and water ponds.

Projects are:

• Pond in Doloony Sair, Galshir Soum, Khentii Province

• Flood protection structure in east area of Baruun-Urt Soum, Sukhbaatar Province

• Groundwater accommodation and decant pond in the Ulaan Ovoo Coal Mine, Redhill Mongolia LLC

Soil laboratory

The soil laboratory was established in 2004 and we have deep experience in the mining construction. We conduct soil laboratory tests according to the International ASTM standards and related Mongolian standards in order to define physical and mechanical properties of a soil. Our mobile laboratory performs investigations on mining sites that gives possibility to assure complex quality control and smooth progress of compaction during a construction.

Projects are:

• Embankment dam fill and clay liner material of the TSF, the Boroo Gold Mine, each year from 2005 to 2011,

• Heap leach pad grading fill and clay liner materials testing at the Boroo Gold Mine,

• Embankment dam fill material at Gatsuurt Mine Site of Centerra Gold Mongolia,

• Embankment dam fill material of TSF at Fluoride process plant of MCTT LLC

• Foundation fill material testing at 220 KV transmission line towers Oyu Tolgoi Project at the Oyu Tolgoi Mine Site