Tailings storage facility of a process plant

We have been developed more than 20 design projects for the Tailings Facilities that ensures safe accommodation and maximum water re-use.

We perform Pre-Feasibility study, Feasibility study, Detailed design, and Construction Supervision for Tailings Storage Facilities of any Process Plant.

Designs and construction supervision some projects are:

• TSF of Gold process plant of the Ulziit Mine, Garrison Asia LLC

• TSF of Ulaan polymetal plant, Ulaan Mine

• TSF of Fluoride process plant, Kevin Invest LLC

• TSF of Fluoride process plant, North Wind LLC

• TSF of Fluoride process plant, MCTT LLC

• Gold process plant, Boroo Gold Co., Ltd. - inversion of the design of Centerra Gold LLC into Mongolians regulations, construction quality control,

• Design of extension of Tailings Dam, Boroo Gold Co., Ltd.

• TSF of iron process plant of Chandmani mine, Zasag Chandmani Mines LLC

• TSF of Fluoride process plant, IMR LLC