Leister Technologies AG is a Swiss company who has an experience for over 60 years, and is a worldwide leader in the fields of plastic welding and industrial process heat. In addition, they have been developing innovative and effective lasersystems and pioneering microsystems for many years. Leister Technologies AG is certified according to the stringent industry standard ISO 9001. The processes are continually adapted or improved to fulfill the relevant quality criteria. Products result, which enjoy a proverbial good reputation and serve faithfully year upon year despite adverse environmental conditions. Leister develops and produces all its products in Switzerland – therefore, customers of Leister profit from extremely high Swiss made quality, reliability, performance and even more economy. Leister products are constructed and developed according to the applicable national and international product standards (e.g. the ISO, IEC, EN or UL industry standards). The products are certified and they bear safety marks accordingly (e.g. the Swiss Safety Mark or UL listing mark) and/or conformity marks, e.g. CE mark.